Locmiquelic: a charming marina!



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Locmiquelic is located in the Lorient harbour area, not far from the Port Louis Citadel. It is a favourite stopover among boaters who love calm surroundings. Yet, it is not just a quiet marina, it offers the delights of a small resort.

People enjoy walking here, filling their lungs with fresh air, and eating seafood in restaurants giving onto the marina. The harbour master's office provides all the services available in larger ports, with the addition of a personal welcome.

Over centuries, the inhabitants of Locmiquelic provided the workforce of the Royale and Compagnie des Indes (East India company) shipyards. They still go by the name of “Minahouët”, which is Breton for “caulking mallet”, the tool the riggers used to tighten the rope yarn, wound round splices to finish them.

Gold Anchor

Quai Rallier du Baty
56570 Locmiquélic

Tel. 02 97 33 59 51
Aujourd'hui 13:30-18:00 08:30-12:00
Demain 13:30-18:00 08:30-12:00

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