Folleux Marina

Foleux marina is the closest maritime port to Paris, in the South of Brittany! This is not the reason for its success, which is due to the beauty of its green undulating banks and its calm waters. For a small quiet port, it also has great facilities! Altogether, this makes it an ideal overwintering site: a perfect shelter and a wide range of professional services. However, Foleux is, first and foremost, a very pleasant stopover on the inland waterways of western Morbihan.

All you need to do is choose between the right and left banks. You can always enjoy them both: one as you go upstream, and the other as you return downstream. You need to go beyond the initial meanders of the Vilaine Valley to get a real taste for this kind of boating.

Enjoy stopping over to visit the Château of Léhellec, in Béganne. The park has a path lined with hundred-year-old oak and beech trees. One oak is 450 years old and there is also a 130-year-old cedar. A beautiful amethyst colour greets you as the rhododendrons bloom in April! Foleux gives onto an open valley and marshland landscape that prevails until Redon, after the steep-sided section of La Roche-Bernard.

Gold Anchor

56350 Béganne

Tel. 02 99 91 80 87
Aujourd'hui Fermé
Demain 09:00-12:30 14:00-17:00

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