Etel – a charming marina where you can choose between a stopover and a stay.

Enjoy a stopover in one of the most stunning estuaries of south Brittany.  Formerly used by a fleet of tuna seiners, you will have no difficulty in entering the estuary. The Semaphore will guide you through the motions on channel 13 or by phone (+33 (0)2 97 55 35-59). In August, during the Tuna festival, enjoy a meal of grilled tuna with side servings of everything imaginable at the good restaurants near the marina.

The beach is close by.

We provide bikes so that you can explore the colours, fauna and flora, on the beautiful bike trails between Erdeven and the Island of Saint Cado.

Semaphore times from 15/16 to 31/08: 3 1/2 hours after full tide!

Gold Anchor

Cours des Quais
56410 ETEL

Tel. 02 97 55 46 62
Aujourd'hui 09:00-12:00
Demain 09:00-12:00 14:00-17:00

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